Welcome to Chosen 

I would like to welcome all the Chosen to this devotional blog site. In the coming weeks we will do a weekly devotional that will strengthen our knowledge in the Word, and increase our understanding of it’s place in our everyday lives. I’m Pastor Guy Giarritta and I would like to welcome you to Chosen. Our goal is that you would invite brothers of any age to join the Chosen, as we step out in faith to experience all that the Lord has for us as individuals and as a band of brothers. Each Monday we will begin a new devotional that will be used as a lesson that we can engage in during the week. These lessons are tools for  brothers of all ages to use as part of there personal Armor of God. Together, the Chosen will wage war on the prince of this world. As we encourage brothers of all ages to join in, we ask that we are all respectful and graceful with all topics and conversations. God has much for the men of this world, and it’s time that the Chosen start leading and loving as God intended. We are looking forward to seeing all that the Lord has for us as we grow in Christ and impact our world with His love and message!


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Pastor, Foot Soldier of God.

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